Podcasts are such a zeitgeist of the modern age, but I often find myself surprised at the lack of creatively abstract garden podcasts out there. My good friend, Harriet, has produced an amazing series of episodes called ‘Underlines’ which focuses on local spoken word talent in Sheffield – giving their work a creative twist. Inspired by the simplicity of this, I’ve decided to do a mini series for gardens; the basis of which, is essentially a minute long soundscape of different gardens and landscapes around the UK. Each site has it’s own unique atmosphere – whether that be the hustle and bustle of a city botanic garden, or the serene nature of a countryside estate & these mini sound clips hope to capture the essence of that. – Enjoy!

Anglesey Abbey – Autumn
CUBG – Autumn
Longshaw Estate – Winter
Dorney – Winter
Kew – Winter
Sheffield Botanical Garden – Winter
Clumber Park – Autumn
The Break-Up Bench – Winter

My Favourite Podcasts: